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Ain-Zaghouan - Tunis - Tunisia
Date Available: 03/08/2021
ID: 1048015008-99
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About Ain Zaghouan
Ain Zaghouan is located at the crossroads of residential and business areas such as Jardins de Carthage, Les Berges du Lac (Lac1), Les Jardins du Lac (Lac2), the Kram Activity Zone (Lac3), La Soukra, L ' Aouina. It is located on the GP9 (RN9) road leading to the northern suburbs of Tunis where La Marsa, Sidi Daoued, Carthage, Sidi Bou Said and Gammarth are located. Ain Zaghouan is 15 minutes from Tunis-Carthage Airport (the most important airport of Tunisia), 10 minutes from the passenger seaport of La Goulette and 15 minutes from the seaport of Radès. The city center of Tunis with these business centers like Montplaisir, Center Urbain Nord - Ariana, Cité Jardins, Alain Savary and Place Pasteur are about 10 km away by taking the GP9 (RN9) expressway.

Transport in Ain Zaghouan
Its proximity to several residential and business centers makes traveling to and from Ain Zaghouan relatively easy. If you do not want to drive, you have the choice of taking a private or collective taxi as well as public or private buses. The price of transport by bus, taxi remains nevertheless reasonable.

Parks and Attractions around Ain Zaghouan
Several parks and attractions are within a few minutes on foot or by car, among which are the Soukra Park, the Dahdah au Lac 1 Leisure Park, the Carthage Land Water Park, the Carthage Park, the Sidi Bou Said Park and the Park. from Essaada to La Marsa.

Gyms in Ain Zaghouan
History of fitness,
California Gym

Go out to eat and Restaurants in Ain Zaghouan
For those looking for good food or good food, several restaurants offer local or international cuisine to try:
La Closerie,
The Factory,
Tunisian Food,
Goomba's Pizza,
Dad John's,
Baguette & Baguette,
Amigo's Pizza

Going out for a Coffee in Ain Zaghouan
The Grand Café
Which may
Gourmet Coffee
The W's Coffee
Tea Time Tea Room
Cafe'in Di Bosco
Joseph Café
Didon house Tea Room
The Corridor

Go out in the evening to Ain Zaghouan
Carpe Diem
The Triplex
The Factory

Cinemas near Ain Zaghouan
Zéphyr La Marsa Cinema
Carthage Dermech Cinema
The Agora

Shopping in Ain Zaghouan
To do your shopping in Ain Zaghouan, you will find a large choice of major local and international brands in shopping centers near Ain Zaghouan such as:
Tunisia Mall (Tunis Mall)
Go Sport
Millenium Shopping Center
Carrefour La Marsa
Zephyr La Marsa
Tanit Center

Shopping in Ain Zaghouan
In addition to the proximity to the Carrefour Hypermarket and the General Department Store (MG), Ain Zaghouan offers a large choice of local supermarkets and convenience stores such as Monoprix, Carrefour Market, Aziza and General Store. In addition, there is a wide variety of small grocers, fruit and vegetable stores, butchers and fishmongers.

Schools, High Schools, Universities and Studies in Ain Zaghouan
Several public and private schools and colleges exist in Ain Zaghouan.
Some schools offer international curricula, such as:
- the International School of Carthage (International School of Carthage) which offers studies according to the French school curriculum, it is a school approved by the AEFE (the Agency for French Education Abroad).
- British School
- EIT: International School of Tunis
- American School of Tunis - American Cooporated School of Tunis

For the University courses in Ain Zaghouan, we can name:
- MSB: Mediterranean School of Business
- ENAU: National School of Architecture and Town Planning
- Mediterranean Institute of Technology
- Tunis Montessori School
- Central University
- Polytechnic Tunis

Housing and accommodation, apartment, villa, house, land, duplex
The real estate market in Ain Zaghouan is still cheaper than in the surrounding areas. Indeed, the price of real estate at the Jardins de Carthage or at the Jardins du Lac (Lac2) is 20 to 30% more expensive than real estate in Ain Zaghouan. Although real estate projects in Ain Zaghouan are generally less luxurious and offer fewer benefits, it is still easy to find an apartment to buy or an apartment to sell or a villa to buy or a villa in rental, a duplex for purchase or a duplex for sale or land for purchase which offers the buyer good value for money in terms of real estate purchase in Ain Zaghouan.
An apartment for rent or apartment for sale, a duplex for purchase or a duplex for sale, a villa for rent or villa for sale would cost much less than the same property (apartment for rent or apartment for sale, duplex for purchase or a duplex for sale, a villa for rent or villa for sale) at the Jardins de Carthage or at the Jardins du Lac (Lac2).
The sale prices of new apartments in Ain Zaghouan vary between 2,200 DT / m2 to 2,600 DT / m2. Today an S + 2 or S + 3 apartment of 150 m2 for sale in a new real estate project can cost between 330 and 400 mDT, it depends on the quality of the standing and the features offered by the new real estate project.
The rental prices of the apartments vary between 800 and 1500 DT for an S + 3. You can find an apartment for rent in Ain Zaghouan for a budget of 1000 DT.
The prices of land for sale depend on the location, orientation and purpose of the land. So the prices of land for residential use can
go from 800 DT / m2 to 1500 DT / m2.

Real estate for Business, Offices, Business, Shops, commercial premises, deposits, Office buildings in Ain Zaghouan
The prices of offices, office buildings, goodwill, land for office use, stores, commercial premises, warehouses for sale or for rent vary enormously depending on the location, the equipment and the traffic area. The prices of these properties can vary by a factor of one to five, but are always a little cheaper than the properties at Jardins de Carthage or Jardins du Lac (Lac 2).

Old real estate, Old real estate market, Real estate from owner to owner in Ain Zaghouan
Ain Zaghouan offers a wide variety of old real estate. You can always find the property you are looking for with prices 20 to 30% cheaper than new property, but it all depends on the year of construction. The valuation of old real estate requires some expertise. It is not recommended to venture alone to make a direct transaction with an individual without having the advice of a real estate agent. It could turn into a nightmare if you do not have a good knowledge of the market and market practice rules or local legislation. Today the opacity that exists around real estate transactions makes the risk high in a market that is not very transparent.
The strong growth in recent years and the fever in property prices has eased relatively in the past two years. In all market segment, except goodwill, the real estate market in Ain Zaghouan has a slightly upward or even stable trend

Real estate services in Ain Zaghouan
For your apartment purchase, villa purchase, duplex purchase, land purchase, office purchase, office building purchase, business purchase, commercial local purchase, apartment rental, villa rental, office rental, duplex rental, office building rental, rental business, rental commercial premises, you can find a very good service by contacting RE / MAX Real Estate Agencies in Tunis. All RE / MAX Estate Agents offer a variety of apartments for sale, apartments for rent, villas for sale, villas for rent, duplex for sale, duplex for rent, office for sale, office for rental, land for sale, commercial premises for sale, commercial premises for rent, goodwill for sale, goodwill for rent, office building for sale, office building for rent and lots of other properties in the Ain Zaghouan area. To discover the network's offer, you can go to the website or go to one of the agencies closest to Ain Zaghouan: RE / MAX Masters Real Estate Agency, RE / MAX Goodlife Real Estate Agency and the RE / MAX Bravo Real Estate Agency. Their Real Estate Agents will be happy to serve you.
In old real estate, RE / MAX real estate agents use several methods of real estate valuation. Their knowledge of the market and the locality gives them the opportunity to make comparative analyzes of the market. They also use databases and software (CRM) which give them price comparisons based on the prices of real estate sold or rented real estate.
Finding a rental office or sales office, a goodwill for sale or a goodwill for rental, an office building for sale or an office building for rental requires help from a qualified real estate agency which accompanies you in the process of the real estate transaction which can sometimes prove to be complex.
RE / MAX real estate agencies have great expertise in real estate. No one in the world sells more real estate than RE / MAX. RE / MAX real estate agents have been trained to provide the best real estate service to their clients. Their real estate training gave them the tools and working procedures according to international standards.
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Faiza Rebai Faiza Rebai Immeuble DAHMANI, RDC B, Lot A-28
Centre Urbain Nord, Ariana, Tunisia

Faiza Rebai

TND Tunisia RE/MAX RE/MAX Consultants Centre Urbain Nord Immeuble DAHMANI, RDC B, Lot A-28
Centre Urbain Nord, Ariana, Tunisia


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Faiza Rebai Faiza Rebai Immeuble DAHMANI, RDC B, Lot A-28
Centre Urbain Nord, Ariana, Tunisia

Immeuble DAHMANI, RDC B, Lot A-28
Centre Urbain Nord, Ariana, Tunisia
TND Tunisia RE/MAX RE/MAX Consultants Centre Urbain Nord


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